About Us

Welcome to Stylerunner, the leading multi-brand retailer for women’s sportswear, activewear and sneakers.

Founded in 2012, Stylerunner was the first online retailer of its kind globally, and helped pioneer the category of premium, luxe activewear that we know and love today.

Underpinned by a love of fashion and fitness, Stylerunner brings you a curation of top tier sportswear from the world’s biggest brands, as well as the latest, most stylish emerging sportswear labels from around the globe.

New arrivals launch almost five days a week, delivering you near-daily inspiration to reach your fitness goals in style and nail your athleisure goals with ease. So while you are busy at Pilates or the gym, doing school pickups or enjoying a Maca smoothie with your girlfriends, our team is busy hunting down the latest and greatest new active brands for you to browse and enjoy, helping you breeze through an life in style.

Founded by sisters Julie and Sali Stevanja in 2012, Stylerunner was acquired by Accent Group (AX1) in November 2019, making it part of one of Australia’s largest and most awarded retail groups, dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

After 8 years online, we look forward to opening the doors to our very first retail store in Armadale, Victoria in late October 2020, with more stores set to open around Australia in 2021.

We are proud to be able to connect millions of women around the world, who share the love and pursuit of an active lifestyle. Our passionate community are a constant source of inspiration and who we hope we inspire in return. To join our community and stay up to date with daily inspiration, follow us on Instagram @Stylerunner.

When 2020 threw the world a curveball, we launched Stylerunner Health Club – delivering exciting and relevant health and wellbeing content like workouts and healthy recipes every week; created and delivered by leading trainers, instructors, health experts, dietitians, creatives and artists – designed to inspire and connect our community. Enjoy our FREE Stylerunner Health Club via our IGTV at @Stylerunner.

And like our community, who has evolved with us over time – we are evolving too. Our new Stylerunner logo symbolises our love of big fashion powerhouses, while honouring our heritage at the forefront of fitness and activewear. Strong. Bold. Passionate.

Stylerunner is for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Welcome, we look forward to serving you soon!